Wholesale Loans

Purpose Loan size Maturity Repeat Loan Access Requirement Interest Rate Collateral Repayment frequency


Bulk Loan for on-lending to its target women beneficiaries in their catchment area



Loan size

Range: GH¢50,000 – GH¢500,000




12 months with 1-month's  moratorium

Repeat Loan

Depending on previous Loan Repayment Performance and Operational Growth.

Access Requirement

  1. Must be a Registered Company
  2. Have acquired license (BOG/ APEX) to operate and have been in business for over 1year.
  3. Must have records of Clients who want to borrow (Beneficiaries).
  4. Must attain Repayment Rate of at least 98% - In case of Rural Bank, must attain a rating score of at least “FAIR”, “SATISFACTORY, or “STRONG” as per the APEX bank ranking.
  5. Has permanent business location.
  6. Audited Annual Financial Statement (Preferably two (2) years)
  7. Board Resolution to Borrow & Minutes of Authorization to borrow
  8. General Manager and Directors’ Indemnity
  9. Company Profile

Interest Rate





  1. General Manager and Directors Guarantee and Indemnity to GWF for any total exposure by the Board...
  2. Certificate of Short Term Investment

Repayment frequency