Historical Evolution

Inadequate access to formal credit has been identified as a major obstacle to women’s economic empowerment. It is in this context that the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Conference of Ministers in 1990 adopted Resolution 736 (DCCXXXVI) on “women and their access to resources in the 1990s” and initiated moves towards the establishment of an African Bank for Women.

Pursuant to this resolution, the ECA African Centre for Women (ACW) organized an ad hoc expert group meeting in Kampala, Uganda, in 1994 to devise a financial institution which would cater for specific financial needs of African women at all levels, define the most appropriate mode of operation, and recommend measures which would ensure its viability and sustainability as well as mobilization of financial resources.

The meeting, which was chaired by Nana Oye Mansa Yeboaa, the then first Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, recommended among others, the establishment of a privately owned regional financial (apex) institution to be known as "Afrika Women Bank (AWB)" with affiliates at national level and with women holding the highest percentage of shares. It was further recommended that a soft loan window of AWB to be known as Ghana Women Fund should also be established at the regional level with national affiliates.


Our Mission Statement

To economically EMPOWER GHANAIAN WOMEN, improve on their quality of life and thereby enable them to contribute more effectively to national economic growth and development, by actively promoting and enhancing women’s access to credit and other financial services, utilizing the most cost-effective and sustainable systems, procedures and processes.”

Our Vission

To lead the development of gender-focused financial services in Ghana, and become one of the most reliable, profitable and sustainable specialist financial services providers.

Board Of Directors

The current Board of Directors made up of representatives of individual shareholders, women’s groups, and the Government of Ghana. The Directors have been actively engaged in setting guidelines for operating and managing Ghana Women Fund effectively to make credit more accessible to Ghanaian women entrepreneurs.

Dr. Cecelia Bentsi
Executive Director - Administration & Human Resources
Ernestina Naana Hagan
Executive Director - Legal Affairs and Public Relations
Mrs Yvonne Quansah
Exercutive Director - Finance and Investments.
Nana Oye Mansah Yeboaa 1
Executive Chairperson