Organised Group Loans

Purpose Loan size Maturity Access Requirement Interest Rate Collateral Repayment frequency


Direct investment in women-led SMEs through working capital loans.



Loan size

Range: GH¢500-5,000 (Per individual member in the group)




Up to 12 months

Access Requirement

  1. Must be an organized group, identify either by Business Location or Residence.
  2. Must have  group Constitution (rules) that governs the membership and must be run by a Governing Body
  3. Must be legally registered group or Association.
  4. Members should be willing to co- guarantee each other in the Group or Association  for the loan granted by GWF
  5. No resignation of group member(s) during loan repayment period.

Interest Rate





  1. Jointly  & Severally Liable to each other

Repayment frequency