Nana Oye Mansah Yeboaa 1

Nana Yeboaa was trained in Economics, Public Finance and Business Management at the University College of Ghana as an external student of the University of London from 1959 – 1962. She had postgraduate opportunities to participate in various courses including ‘Public Finance’ at the IMF Institute, USA (1975); ‘Planning Public Expenditures’ at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at Sussex University, Brighton (1982); ‘Changing the Rules of the Game-Financial Sector Liberalization and Regulation of Financial Market’ at the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID), USA (1990) and a Certificate Course for ‘Leaders in Development’ from Harvard Institute for international Development (HIID), USA (1996).

Since graduating with an Economics degree in 1962, she has worked for 11 years with Ghana Commercial Bank, including a stint of 3 years with their former City Office in London, 16 years with the Central Bank of Ghana where she rose to the position of Deputy Governor from 1990 – 1997, after which she was appointed Ambassador of Ghana to Belgium and Luxemburg, and Head of Mission to the European Union (EU), April 1998 – March 2001. She also worked as Deputy Secretary (Minister) for both the Ministries of Finance and Economic Planning, and the Ministry of Fuel and Power (now Ministry of Energy) in Ghana, between 1982 and 1989, where she actively participated in negotiations with the IMF and the World Bank on the economic reforms and electrification projects of the 1980s.

In 1994 she attended and chaired a pre- Beijing conference organized by the Women’s Unit of the ECA at the instance of the African Ministers of Finance after which she tried with the support of Government to set up a Bank for women in Ghana, This initiative, though not entirely successful however has resulted in the existence a Ghana Women Fund (which wholesales credit to women’s groups through the Rural Banks scattered over Ghana) which she currently chairs.

In 1994 was appointed 2nd Trustee of the Mmoborohunu Trust – set up to look after needy patients at the Medical Block at Korle-Bu.

In 1995 she attended the UN CONFERENCE FOR WOMEN in Beijing and chaired one of the two Working Groups that resolved the brackets on the BEIJING PLATFORM FOR ACTION, the official document of the conference.

In 1996, she was elevated to the status of Chief by the Paramount Chief of the Akuapem Traditional Area as Dompiahene (A General in the Auxiliary Army in days gone by; the current titleholder represents a mobiliser for progress and development). In that position (with support from the Social Development Department of the World Bank and the Community Foundation Network of Britain) has been trying to develop a Community Foundation in the Akuapem traditional area, since October 2001. The Akuapem Community Foundation was registered on 14 April 2005, and launched with the support of Merchant Bank Ghana Ltd on June 29, 2006, as the very first model in Ghana and indeed the whole Western Africa according to the World Bank. Okoman Representative on the Standing Committee (Executive Committee of 5 Divisional Chiefs) of the Akuapem Traditional Council.

In May 2005 she was part of an international group sponsored by the World Bank to undertake a 10-day study tour of community foundations in South Africa.

In June 2005 she was invited by the World Bank Office in Ghana to be a juror for the first Ghana Development Market place (GDM) which provided a competitive forum for the marketing of innovative ideas from Ghanaian small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and NGOs with the aim to create jobs and enhance poverty reduction.

In that position, she chaired the Business Forum for the first day of the GDM main event which facilitated an interaction between the promoters of the GDM namely the World Bank Global Group, SNV of the Netherlands, the finalists of the competing business and NGOs, the financial institutions, and business service providers and policy makers.

In November 2006 consulted for Sullivan and Sullivan, Port Harcourt, Nigeria to help design an Anti-Corruption Agency in the Bayelsa State under the Bayelsa Partnership Initiative. The aim of the effort is to ensure that more public revenues get to the majority of grassroots people than happens currently in that oil-producing state.

In 2006 was appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund set up by the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons.

In 2008, she facilitated a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) workshop in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Effective 12th June 2009, Nana Oye Mansa Yeboaa was appointed a member of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Governing Council, where she chairs the Finance and Development Committee.

In April 2010, she accepted to be a member of the Tabon (Brazilian Community) Traditional Authority, with the concurrence of the Okuapehene Oseadeoyo Addo Dankwa III.

In 2011 she was elected vice president of the Council of Women Traditional Leaders, Ghana.

In November 2012, she was selected as one of the ‘Truly inspirational African Women’ by the Resource Alliance at the ‘IWRM International Workshop on Resource Mobilization’ held in Kampala, Uganda. Other selected women included H.E. Madam Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, President of Liberia,  H.E. Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, First Lady of Akiti State, Nigeria; the late Maathai Wangari, Nobel Laurate, Kenya.

In July 2013, she was selected as the guest speaker at the 53rd Republic Day Senior Citizens Luncheon, hosted by H.E. President of the Republic of Ghana.




ORGANISATION                                              POSITION                     YEAR

Ghana National Planning Commission              Commissioner      2015 to 2017

Presidential Advisory Group on Economy                   Member                 2014 to 2016

Council of GIMPA                                                    Member                 2009 to 2016

Finance and Development Committee                       Chairman               2009 to 2016


Akuapem Community Foundation                             Lead Coordinator      2005 to date

Ghana Women Fund                                                          Chairman                 2001 to date

Ambassador of Ghana to Belgium                             Ambassador              1998 -2001

Akuapem Traditional Area                                       Dompiahene of Akuapem      1996 to date

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation                      Member                           1995 – 1997

1987 – 1988

Ghana Airways Corporation                                                Member                           1994 – 1995

Makola Market Company Ltd                                    Chairman                         1994 – 1997

Social Security & National Insurance Trust                 Member                 1993 -1997

Cocoa Processing Company                                     Chairman                         1991 -1993

Central Bank of Ghana                                             Deputy Governor    1990 – 1997

Technical Committee on (FINSAP)                             Chairman                         1990 – 1991

Fin. Sector Adjustment Program                               Chairman                         1987

Technical Sub-Committee on Crude                         Chairman                         1987


ACP/EEC Joint Governing Board of the                      Member                1986 – 1989

Centre for Development of Industry (CDI)

Bank of Ghana                                                                 Executive Director       1986 – 1989

Deputy Governor         1990 – 1997

Ministry of Finance and                                           Deputy Secretary     1982-1989

Economic Planning